Virtual Tours Solution for Hotels

Detailed visual info of a hotel
It's more efficient to direct online prospect to see the virtual tour 360 interior themself online . This act of transparency builds trust and confidence about hotel's facilities, rooms, surroundings, engaging to explore the virtual tour even more and eventually book it online
Describing different options
When your conference or meeting rooms are fully booked and your staff is unable to show it to a business prospect - the online virtual tour helps
Virtual tour is the way to show differences between deferent options to a client
Online prospects:
Business clients:
Inability to show the options

The top-notch marketing tool for hotel that solves problems both for online prospects and business clients:

Why Virtual Tours?
According to data from surveys done by:
More views on hotel’s website with virtual tour
Virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings on a hotel's website by 40%
The gamification of 360 Virtual Tours and images engages people to stay and explore the facilities of your hotel. This creates emotional engagement for online prospects and together with «wow» effect it generates high quality sales, according to the study
ROI (Return on Investment) is established in less than 4 weeks
Hotels with a virtual tour achieved 135% increase in online revenue

Radisson Hotels (Carlson Hotels in the past) studied the direct influence of the virtual tours on ROI of the hotels and found it effective for their business, increasing both views and booking from their websites.
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