Google 360 Virtual Tours

Real Estate

Google has its own virtual tours platform integrated in Google Maps for real estate and hospitality businesses

Google Virtual Tour is brings the 360 experience for prospects directly in the Google Maps when they search for a vacation villa or long term accommodation together with higher SEO ranking according to Google Search algorithms
Google Virtual tour is vital for hospitality business in 2019 in order to increase bookings in the hotels. Virtual tour shows ambiance, infrastructure facilities and amenities to the target customers. It builds trust, increases online presence and crucial for search appearence results
Google Virtual tours for cafes, restaurants and shops are getting popular too. In this case, the marketing statistics are crucial to stay competitive on the market. This is where Google Search appearance becomes important and this is what you get using the tool for your business listings in Google Maps
of people use Google search when they look for hotel or restaurant
Google's team research on virtual tours in 2015 found that 67% of surveyed people would like to see more of the virtual tours when lending on website
Your listing is going to appear here twice more often
Google favors 360° images for thumbnail display on Google Maps
Visibility Boost
Google 360 virtual tours works well for to increase the visibility of your business
When prospects search for keywords in Google Maps, you are listed higher by search algorithms if you have virtual tour connected to your Google Maps spot's profile
Gain in Google organic search appearance when your business is connected
Increased engagement with your business listing is Google Maps
With Google Virtual Tour
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